Russian Language Oriented at Education – Bachelor’s Study

The bachelor’s programme Russian Language Oriented at Education (double curriculum study) is a study in linguistics-oriented Russian, which is primarily designed with regard to the students’ future careers in education. The academic study focused on education is therefore based on the interconnection of three basic components: specialised training, general and specialised teacher training and introductory pedagogical training. The design of the structured teacher training course is based on the concept of competence-based teacher training – a model characterised by lifelong teacher training and the school as a learning institution. Double curriculum study not only increases the graduates’ career prospects in the education system, but also broadens their opportunities for utilising the acquired education outside the education sector. The great capacity of the teacher training programmes to combine with other programmes of study significantly helps the student’s individual development.

Graduates of Russian Language Oriented at Education are equipped to work in positions that require excellent professional and pedagogical competencies, such as teachers in language schools and non-profit organisations, and also in positions that require a good command of the respective language and the ability to use it eloquently, such as the media, publishing houses or press departments of public institutions and companies. Graduates are also prepared to continue their studies at master’s level, where they choose either a teacher training programme (to obtain a full teaching qualification) or another, field-related, programme of study.

The curriculum can be viewed here.

Information on the admission procedure for the bachelor’s programme in Russian Language and Literature available here.

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