East European Studies – Master’s Study

The graduate is capable of challenging communication in a foreign language environment at a level corresponding to the C2 level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in particular in the tertiary sector of economy (tourism, culture management), relevant public authorities (diplomatic service, ministry of the interior, ministry of trade and affair, ministry of defence etc.), NGOs (humanitarian organisations, immigration organisations) and scientific sphere (research residencies, scientific conferences, participation on international research team activities). The graduate is capable of working with text written in the chosen area language A (Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, and Ukrainian). The graduate is able to translate texts from the chosen area language A into Czech and vice versa for the purposes of public and private subjects commercially and socially active in Eastern Europe, translate works of art from the chosen area Language A into Czech (and vice versa). The graduate has prerequisites necessary to write expert analysis for the purposes of domestic public and private organisations active in fields such as tourism and information marketing; cooperate with public institutions in the relevant language region during an information exchange in cultural-education and commercial cooperation sphere; take part in presenting the Czech Republic and its cultural heritage in a foreign language region (cultural centres worker); work as a lead programme coordinator of local, regional and European travel agencies; work in scientific and educational institutions (universities, tertiary schools, departments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic). The graduate is prepared for further studies of relevant  study programmes (linguistics, literary science, culturology, history, political science, international relations) on Czech and foreign universities.

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