Russian language and literature – Master’s Study

Russian Language and Literature  at the Master level is profiled as a study of national philology, with all its traditional components: language, literature and cultural and social context. The division of the study into a theoretical and a practical part aims to give students theoretical and methodological skills in all aspects of study and motivate the student in the direction of his future profiling in one of the sub-areas of his interest (professional, scientific) and prepare him for eventual further study in a doctoral programme and for his application in practice, respectively. The discipline relies on modern concepts of language training in Russian according to respected standards of the European Language Reference Framework (development of communication and written competency, work with demanding professional and literary texts, translation). The proposed curriculum provides the possibility of a comprehensive acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge about the studied region and leads the student to the acquisition of practical communicative competence and professional orientation to Russia and Russian-speaking countries, which is the essential prerequisite for his professional application in practice.

The curriculum can be viewed  here.

Information about the admission procedure for the master’s degree in Russian Language and Literature can be found here  here.

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