Major Research Themes

The Department of East European Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague (DEES) deals with research of the area of Eastern Europe with special focus on Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States, which are studied both separately and in regional and international contexts. Linguistic research in the Russian Studies Seminar focuses primarily on sociolinguistics, synchronic linguistics and corpus linguistics. In the field of Russian history and culture, our research focuses on philosophical and political thought with special emphasis on the period of the Moscow Russia and Russia after Peter the Great. Studies of Russian religious life, contemporary religious situation, history and culture of the 20th century are developing intensively. The traditional issue of relationship between Baltic and Slavic, including both the diachronic linguistics view with links to Balto-Slavic ethnogenesis and the later scientific and cultural, especially literary, relationships, is the main research focus of the Baltic Studies Seminar. Research in the Ukrainian and Slavic Studies Seminar focuses on Ukrainian literature of the 19th and 20th century  and also on the Czech-Ukrainian relationships associated with the activities of the large Ukrainian emigré community in the interwar Czechoslovakia. Last but not least, members of the Department have been translating extensively from Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Latvian.

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