East European Studies – Bachelor’s Study

The graduate is capable of everyday communication in a foreign environment corresponding to his output language competence at B2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages; he is able to work with relevant foreign language texts corresponding to the selected area language A (Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian). The graduate is prepared to carry out commercial translations (of both literary and non-literary nature) from the selected area language A into his native language (and vice versa) for the needs of public and private entities. The graduate acquires professional qualification to practice a profession in state institutions developing foreign economic and other interest and professionally specific activities in the Eastern Europe region, in regional state institutions (at county level) developing activities in the field of cross-border cooperation, in the field of monitoring of Eastern European media (analytical staff of state institutions and organizations working in the tertiary sector), in the field of mass-communication media as an expert on the Eastern European region, in the field of professional journalism (correspondent, senior editor, language editor), in the central structures of multinational companies operating in the Eastern Europe area (Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine , Russia), in domestic state and private institutions providing information support for domestic and foreign companies entering the regional market, in centers of tourism with a focus on creating offers for and realizing cultural-sightseeing projects in the Eastern Europe region (travel agency delegate, travel agency programme coordinator). The graduate is equipped with the necessary professional prerequisites for continuing in studies of related follow-up master’s degree programmes.

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