Slavic literatures – Doctor of Philosophy Study (Ph.D.)

The doctoral study programme Slavic literatures is realized in two specializations: a) comparative study of Slavic literatures as a specific complex, or b) the study of Slavic literatures of a specific area in European context.

The studying of Slavic literatures has always had an interdisciplinary character and was seen as a comprehensive research of the historical and cultural state of deeply diversified Slavic ethnicities. Therefore it interfered with a range of disciplines (philosophy, aesthetics, literary theory, historical poetics, literary methodology, literature comparatistics, the history of European and Oriental literatures, history of Slavonic studies, cultural studies, religious studies, general history etc.). Given the range of possible aspects of the study an urgent need to formulate the purpose of traditional Slavic studies in a new way arose especially after the collapse of the USSR and its power system. This goal is approached by the so-called Areal Studies aiming at the cultural differences of Slavic ethnic groups within the wider regions, whose development and profile involves both ethnic Slavic groups and non-Slavic peoples cultures that are mutually connected through shared historical and cultural experience. It is therefore essential that the original closeness of Slavic studies in a narrowly philological approach was surpassed. Mutual communication among cultures within individual regions should be opened to wider contexts, not only Slavic, but also Baltic, Balkan, Asian and especially Central European, while implementing consideration of literatures of the Euro American cultural area. Research of literary texts remains the starting point for research interest of individual Slavic literatures and must take place against the background of general literary-theoretical and culturological issues. Analytical and synthesizing processing of this material contributes to the development not only of traditional Slavic disciplines, but also for a comparative study of literatures, to theory of literature and brings stimulus to the so-called cultural studies.

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