Publishing Activities

Publishing activities

Since 2004, the Department of East European Studies of the FACU has been publishing the internal editorial series Acta Slavica et Baltica, which has released for example titles:

  • Tribute to Čelakovský (2004)
  • Czech perception of Ukraine (2005)
  • Óndra Łysohorský: Poručénstwo / Legacy (2005)
  • S. R. Gustavsson: South Slavic Ruthenians, their culture and language (2006)
  • Donum Ucrainicum (2006)
  • Social aspects of Slavic literary languages (2006)
  • Balto-Slavicum Pragense (2007), which contains contributions in fourteen Slavic and Baltic languages, whose authors were mostly doctoral candidates of the Department

Under the aegis of members and associates of the DEES, a series of three collective publications presenting cultural aspects of Russian life and institutions under the common name Cultural, spiritual and ethnic roots of Russia was released: Traditions and alternatives (2005), Influences and contexts (2006) and Portraits (2009).

Members of the Department were also editors of a series of reviewed collections of studies published from the regularly held international Conference of young Slavists. In this series, these volumes have been published to date:

  • Contemporary Slavic studies: influences and contexts (2008)
  • Slavic studies in the modern world (2008)
  • Slavic languages and literature: the search for identity (2009)
  • Slavic area and Europe (2010)
  • Ethnicity of Slavic area (2011)
  • Intermingling Slavonic environments (2012)
  • Slavonic world: known or unknown? (2013)
  • Slavs between tradition and modernity (2014)

Recently two monographs written by members of the Department were published – a monograph by Hanuš Nykl entitled Religion in Russian Culture (2013), dealing with the problems of religion and demonstrations of particular Orthodox elements in contemporary Russian culture, and Latvian Culture and the Moravian Church (2013) by Pavel Štoll, examining Latvian cultural traditions and their Czech contexts, especially based on specific Latvian texts and their meaning. Since 2014 the Department participate decisively in publication of the new reviewed scientific journal Oriens Aliter (Journal for Culture and History of the Central and Eastern Europe), which aims to provide the platform for presentation of results of the most topical culturological and historic research about the Central and Eastern Europe for scientific public and wider reader’s community and for confrontation of them on international scale.

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