Slavic Philology – Doctor of Philosophy Study (Ph.D.)

The study of the doctoral programme Slavic philology focuses specifically on each Slavic philology and also generally on comparative Slavic linguistics in synchronic or diachronic perspective. It includes a wider Slavic studies basis and a general linguistic (methodological) basis. It requires doctoral projects to focus primarily on one of the national Slavic languages ​​- Bulgarian, Croatian, Sorbian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Ukrainian – paleoslavistics or comparative linguistics. Doctoral projects are based on significant areal, comparative and typological approach with a wider cultural-historical and socio-political range. The comparative view is the methodological basis for all doctoral projects, with Czech context being considered as crucial. The main profile of the discipline is sociolinguistics, in accordance with the focus of scientific research of tutors already involved in the field of study of Slavic philology. The discipline is accredited in Czech, although in the teaching all Slavic languages are applied.

The aim of doctoral study in the field of Slavic philology is to educate young Slavists as a prerequisite primarily for the scientific development of Slavic Studies as a discipline in its linguistic and philological parts and as a tertiary education study programme. In view of the Charles University the intent of doctoral study is to support solid personnel foundation for the development of a quality center for the study of Slavonic and Baltic studies in the Czech Republic.

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