Russian Studies (Boris Nemtsov Educational Program)

Admission requirements and information about the entrance exam

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any discipline
  • Russian language at C1–C2 level
  • English language at least B2 level. Will be tested in the form of a motivation to study (maximum 20 points).
  • The entrance exam will be held EXCLUSIVELY in an oral, present format
    • Basic knowledge of Russian history (maximum 40 points)
    • Knowledge of political and social realities after the collapse of the USSR (maximum 40 points).
  • The maximum score on the entrance exam is 100 points. The minimum passing score for participation in the competition is 50 points.

At the entrance exam, it is necessary to present a list detailing literature you have read.

The list of recommended literature and a tentative list of questions for the exam are available here.


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