Art of the Armenian Diaspora Conference

Dear colleagues,
we would like to invite you to the Art of the Armenian Diaspora Conference

Under the auspices of H.E. AshotHovakimian, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Czech Republic


Ostrava, 15- 17 June 2022



The preliminary conference program

31. 05. 2022



15 June, 2022

Welcoming conference guests- 15:00 h



Dr Daniela Rywiková, Vice-Dean for International Affairs and Public Relations, Faculty of Filosophy, University of Ostrava


Prof. Jerzy Malinowski, President, Polish Institute of World Art Studies, Warsaw




Prof. Cornelia Horn, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (Saale)

The witness of Armenian art historical and literary sources to seventh-century Byzantine Palestine


Dr Lee Beaudoen,PázmányPéter Catholic University

From the Golden Apple to Heights of Ararat: Intersections between Armenian cultural historical scholarship and Byzantium.


Prof. Ioanna Rapti, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

Italian-Armenian encounters and manuscript illumination in Genoese Crimea


Dr Emma Chookaszian, Independent scholar

Fragment of An Armenian Gospel of Crimea. Study and Description of An Unpublished Manuscript – presentation online


Hermine Grigoryan, NOVA University of Lisbon

In cooperationwith: Maria João Melo, Adelaide Miranda andJorge Rodrigues

The Gulbenkian Bible (17th century): an interdisciplinary study of a precious Armenian heritage


Prof. SeyranushManukyan, Yerevan State University

Frescoes of the Armenian Zamca Monastery in Romania


Dr Mariam Vardanyan, Yerevan State University

Greek or “Athos Crosses” in the Armenian Churches of Romania


16 June, 2022



Prof. Vasiliki Rokou, University of Ioannina Greece

Un paradoxe de l’image, le marriage d’AlexandreenSogdiane


Dr Piotr Kondraciuk, Nadwiślańskie Museum in Kazimierz Dolny/ The Zamość Academy inZamość

Armenian churches in Zamość. Between tradition and local form


Dr Karen Jallatyan, PázmányPéter Catholic University, Budapest

A Baroque Diaspora II: Early-Modern Armenians in East-Central and Eastern Europe


Prof. Bálint Kovács, PázmányPéter Catholic University, Budapest

Recording Art History: Churches, Inscriptions, Pictures and Ecclesiastical Decorations in the travel Account of Minas Bžškeancʻ


Dr Mikayel Arakelyan, The Four Rivers Fund of Oriental Christian Studies Development, Moscow

Artistic Heritage of Armenian Craftsmen of Astrakhan in Collections of Russia: The Manuscripts and Liturgical Objects of the 16th–19th centuries


Prof. LevonChookaszian, Yerevan State University

On the Romanian Painters of the Armenian Descent (19th -20th Centuries)


Dr Sarah Laporte-Eftekharian,University Lille III-CNRS

Autour du Maître -Innovation,collaboration et essaimagedansl’artarménien


13h 30 – 15h 00 Lunch time


15h 00


Official Opening of the Conference- 15:00 h


Dr. Renáta Tomášková, Vice-Rector, University of Ostrava


H.E. Mr. Ashot Hovakimian, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia


SatenikChookaszian, NationalGalleryofArmenia, Yerevan – YerevanState University

Armenian silver belts from the collection of the National Gallery of Armenia (the end of XIX century – beginning of XX century).


Prof. Yvette Tajarian,The MesropMashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, the Matenadaran, Yerevan State University

Iranian-Armenian Photographers during the Ghajar and Pahlavi Dynasties


Diana Ghazaryan, PázmányPéter Catholic University, Budapest

Through the Lens of History: Photographic Modes of Inhabiting the Holy Land by 19th and 20th Centuries Armenians


Prof. SatenikVardanyan, Yerevan State University

Armenian Church Pictures at the Beginning of 20 Century in the Russian Empire


Dr Iryna Hayuk, The Lviv National Academy of Arts

Collecting in the Environment of the Armenian Diaspora of Eastern Europe


Maria Tsymbalista, National Museum, Lviv

Armenian Motifs in the Ukrainian Graphic of 20 Century


Dr Anna Karapetyan, Editor “Orer”,Prague

The Forging of Armenian Art in the Czech Republic


HakobMatevosyan,Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO)

Armenians of Hungary. A Story of Decay: Differentiations and Distinctions


17 June, 2022

10h 00


Doc. Petra Košťálová, Ph.D.,Charles University, Prague

The Cultural Heritage of Armenian Travelers from Poland to Ottoman Empire: Armenian Settlements in 17th Century According to Travel Accouts of Simeon Lehatsi


Rev. prof. Józef Naumowicz, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

Monuments to Armenian Genocide in Armenian DiasporaBRAK STRESZCZENIA


Youssef KelYakoub, Haigazian University in Beirut

The Lost and Damage of Armenian Architectural Heritage during Siege of Aleppo (2012-2016)


Dr Dominika Macios,Polish Institute of World Art Studies

Destructions of Armenian Heritage in Ukraine


GerályZoltán, Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest

Diaspora or Homeland? Armenian Heritage in the Northern Caucasus


Prof. Patrik Donabedian, l’Université de Provence à Aix-en-Provence

Le patrimoine architectural de l’Artsakh et l’Albanie du Caucase, éléments de parenté, de convergence et de divergence.


Dr Anna Leyloyan-Yekmalyan, Institut National des Langues et CivilisationsOrientales, Paris

La plateformeacadémiqueindépendante de l’observatoire « Monument Watch » face à unepolitiqued’anéantissement de la présenceculturelle et patrimonialearménienne en Artsakh. – presentation online


Round table

International cooperation about Art of Armenian Diaspora

Charmans: Prof. BálintKovács,Doc. Petra Košťálová, Dr MariamVardanyan, Prof. Jerzy Malinowski

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